Attraction to Others

This week we began our discussion of why we are attracted to others.  We have begun by looking at the panoply or biochemicals that are responsible for that rush that we feel that we call love.

You should be able to discuss the roles of the following neurotransmitters on human relationships: serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenalin.

And the following hormones: testosterone, estrogen, oxytocin and vasopressin.

You should be able to discuss two studies that illustrate how hormones and neurotransmitters may play a role in attraction.  Please be sure to read the key study by Baumeister this weekend.

In addition, we looked at the video Face and started to explore evolutionary arguments.


Culture and Therapy

In this lovely Ted Talks, Chimamanda Adichie talks about “the danger of a single story.” Her reflections on her childhood in Nigeria relate to our discussion of culture and therapy. How often do psychologists adopt a “single story” which influences their ability to help others?

Fafafin’e in Samoa

Here is a short film on fafafin’e in Samoa. See what you think.

Visual Therapy

To learn more about virtual therapy, here is an example for burn victims.

A History of the Madhouse

Here is a very good video of the history of asylums and their rather dubious history in the UK.

iPad Grant for Culinary Class

Artifact: iPad Mobile Learning Grant

Description: The Instructional Technology team who has created this grant is interested in identifying the technology tools and instructional techniques that lead to transformation of practice and improvements in student learning. They believe that increased student access to mobile computing devices can play a major role in that transformation. To that end, the Instructional Technology team offered a learning opportunity for a few pilot classrooms that focuses on the role of iPads in the classroom. Throughout the 2011-12 school year the IT team will learn with pilot classrooms as they use iPad carts in their classroom. The knowledge gleaned from this experience will be used to inform future district decision-making. I realized that this would be a fabulous opportunity to have in my culinary classroom for my hands-on learners. The above artifact if the application for the grant that I filled out in hopes for this great opportunity!

EDU 4899: Extra Duties

Many teachers, especially new teachers are encouraged to take on extra curricular activities. Of course many would love to take on this so they are more connected with their school. At first it may not seem like a burden. Unfortunately, it slowly can take over their lives and they begin to have less time. Teaching itself takes a lot of time and preparation to make sure that all of the content is taught and that students understand the concepts of the lesson. Students must also be engaged and interested and this takes a lot of time and energy on the teachers’ part. This can be extremely hard, especially if a teacher is staying late after school to coach a sport or lead a club. This begins to slowly take more of their life and sleep begins to be the only relaxing thing that they have. I have seen many teachers that have gone through this. When they finally burst, then they start to realize that they need to slow down and take a break.